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Po Cha : Seafood Beef Bibimbap – Tottenham Court Road – London

written by Amy Lau

 Situated on London’s Korean Street bang in the middle of Centre Point is Po Cha. As soon as you step foot into this dinky family run restaurant, without a doubt there will be Korean diners at ever corner from opening to closing time.

You know it’s good when a Korean restaurant is filled with Koreans customers itself. Definitely a testament of how delectable the food is.

Despite being a bit cluttered and cramped, it has an intimate feel,  due to the dim lighting throughout the restaurant. What Po Cha lacks in it’s environmental ergonomics it makes up for with the food.

I do apologise for the photo quality – as you can see I got a bit overexcited and savaged my Bibimbap with my spoon, before I could take a picture of how beautifully presented it was.

Seafood Bibimbap
Raw Beef Bibimbap

Anyway, for £8.50 for ANY hot stone Bibimbap – I had to have my usual; Raw beef, whilst my companion opted for the seafood one.  The portions here are the biggest I have been presented with, usually I am left with that niggling feeling of  ‘am I still hungry? or am I just being greedy;’ but at Po Cha I was left SATISFIED. Now I don’t need to tell you how it tasted because I demolished it all, and that can only mean one thing; it was deliciously arousing. 

There is a wide selection of different dishes they do here, one of which seemed very popular amongst the Korean diners was the large hot pot of stews, which are ideal for sharing. I have made a mental record to come back to try that bad boy.

For £25 for two drinks, two mains and a side of kimchi, this place is a bargain.

Provided you aren’t fazed by a borderline claustrophobic environment; 

Po Cha deserves 6.5/10 Yummei’s. 

Po Cha
56 St. Giles High Street

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