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Shanghai Blues – Green dumplings? – Holborn – London

written by Amy Lau
We all know service in China town for dim sum can be a rushed affair, but hey it’s China Town we expect it, and usually we can’t fault the food nor the price for those precious dumplings.
But where Shanghai Blues with its intimate dark décor, glossy tiles, and deep mahogany wooden furniture fails despairingly in service, it (kind-of) makes up for with the food.
The service was a mishap of wrong orders, lost orders, dishes that never came and being over-charged for dishes we didn’t order, and dishes being flung onto the table that a dumpling jumps from the clutches of the plate. You know service is bad when even the dumpling tries to escape.
If you are one of those people where bad service can really ruin your afternoon (it was lunch after all) maybe Shanghai Blues isn’t for you.

The quality of some of the dishes were a sad standard compared to most other dim sum restaurants, most especially the king prawn cherng fun and at double the price here compared to the likes of China Town, I ask myself ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ 

Each bite resulted in anger and then depression, as I realised that a) it was cold, b)  the sauce accompanying the dish was a concoction of oil and water with a sad drop of non-existent soya-sauce, and c) it just didn’t taste of anything. How it just lacks totally in any flavour, just baffles me.

HOWEVER Some dishes were innovative, such as the scallop dumpling in a green casing, or the spicy chicken dumpling in a chilli soup, and the ‘Tai Chi’ dumplings – filled with duck, mushrooms and vegetables and were presented in a half black and white casing creating a ying and yang effect. These babies are what made my experience here just about bearable.

The dumplings were ‘nice.’ Yes, ‘nice’ that is the only word that I could conjure up to use to describe my feelings towards them; it was because of that fresh taste we want when we bite into our dumplings just wasn’t there. It was just a sad love affair.
I came here on a Sunday afternoon which offers 50% OFF the bill; I must say it wasn’t worth the full price so if you do want to try Shanghai Blues come here on a Sunday.

Shanghai Blues left me feeling blue with a rating of 4/10 Yummei’s.

Shanghai Blues
193-197 High Holborn

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