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Street Food : Takoyaki Churros? – Brunswick Centre – Russell Square – London

written by Amy Lau
Having stumbled ungracefully into Brunswick Saturday Food Market, I began my hunt by mincing around the stalls having what one could only describe as a ‘full-on ogle’ at the worldly delights they had to offer. Burritos, paella, rib-eye steak burgers, polish hot dogs, noodles, curries, and many more.

For £4 I bought myself 8 Takoyaki balls, these are a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, and are typically filled with diced octopus, tenkasu (tempura scraps) spring onions and pickled ginger shreddings. The dumplings are then generously lathered with Japanese mayonnaise and aonori.
In this case they were offering octopus, cheese or prawn fillings. After a rather hard time deciding which of the 3 to have, I finally made a decision to have ALL THREE. 
The texture of the dumpling was softer than I anticipated and as soon as you took one bite, the explosive gooey centre oozed out lashing your taste buds with the sweet pickled ginger, pang of the spring onions but a subtle taste of the octopus. Maybe I just was feeling greedy and wanted there to be chunk of octopus instead of the minuscule shredding of it I was greeted with. Nevertheless it was still god damn good.
I must say the cheese takoyaki balls are the BOMB, if you like an explosion of cheese and spring onion in your mouth. Ooof
Churros with a dark chocolate sauce for £3? Don’t mind if I do! Nothing beats freshly deep fried Spanish doughnuts with generous lashings of cinnamon sugar….oooh errr.
Next time – I intend to try the Polish hot dog or perhaps the rib-eye steak burger – so many possibilities…
Have you been to the Brunswick Saturday Food Market?
Next stop, EAT STREET. At Kings Boulevard in Kings Cross….
The Brunswick Shopping Centre
Management Suite
Unit 57
The Brunswick

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