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Hakuba – Wasabi Mash? – Tottenham Court Road – London

written by Amy Lau
Hakuba: ‘Japanese food with Californian influences…’
I’m going to leave you with that statement.
I know, I know, you’re all probably thinking – not another restaurant serving Asian food with ‘WESTERN’ influences!?
Countless times I’ve been left rather unimpressed with  restaurants that deem to be able to ‘infuse’ Asian flavours with a ‘Western’ twist; and I usually try to avoid such places that claim they can inject the ‘contemporary’ into Asian food. Simply because, the food is often bland, over-cooked, and a Frankenstein of the original dish. 

Playing it safe, I ordered the teriyaki chicken served on a bed of wasabi mash, and a side of rice and miso soup. I’m going to assume that serving teriyaki chicken on top of mash makes it ‘Western.’ *insert bemused face*

Okay, maybe I’m just being harsh due to my previous experiences. 

But I have to admit, the teriyaki sauce was thick, sticky and caramelised; beautifully accompanying the generous portion of tender chicken. So tender, the juices were dying to escape. The wasabi mash, only had a hint of wasabi, and was abit ‘lumpy.’ However, this little speed bump, did not deter from the flavours from the overall dish.

£8.50, for the generous portions and quality of the chicken make this place a steal. 

For dessert, I just had to try the green tea melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding with green tea ice cream. I have a weakness for green tea, and boy this did not disappoint. Cased in a green tea crispy outer crust, with hot oozing green-tea chocolate in the middle accompanied with wait-for-it that’s right green tea ice cream. This is the perfect dessert for green-tea addicts. 

They also have a delicious cocktail menu, with a range of cocktails with oriental influences, so think of a vast array cocktails composed with flavours of lychees, limes, guava, spices etc. All having a kick to it, and all absolutely addictive.

The sumptuous, rich, decadent decor, make this place ideal for dates, or just a place for friends to gather; so if you go – do ask for a booth!

I will definitely return to sample the other dishes from their new menu.

Hakuba earns itself 7/10 Yummei’s. 


111a Great Russell Street

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