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Madd – Mango Desserts – Soho – Central London

written by Amy Lau

As you all should know by now is that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. So when a friend suggested that we go to MADD Soho, I jumped at the idea.

They pride themselves on being an exotic mango heaven, with the dessert menu consisting of mango-based desserts ranging from fruit tarts, to mousses, cheesecakes, fools and crème brûlée; all reasonably priced from £4.50 – £6.00.

I happen to come here on a Tuesday afternoon, where they were doing a special offer for buy one get one free on their desserts. Being a broke student, how can one refuse?

After much deliberation, and consulting the expertise from our MADD representative, we decided to go with the critically acclaimed mango cheese cake and the crème brûlée.

What I say?

Never have I had a ‘mango’ cheesecake that lacked any ‘mango’ flavour, and it was given to me already sweating in the summer heat. The texture of the cheesecake was more of a failed mousse, than a cheesecake and the biscuit layer which would normally be able to give hope to another sub-par cheesecake was soggy and depressed.

Now the crème brûlée, it tasted more of egg than anything remotely relating to a mango, except for the sickly sweet syrup layer at the bottom. So think boiled eggs with mango syrup. Sound appetising? 

The atmosphere and decor was bright and cheerful, acting like a sweet facade with jenga scattered across the tables to distract you from the reality that MADD is where mango lover dreams go to die. 

Madd by name and mad is exactly what you will feel after coming to this dessert bar.

My advice is to avoid this place, unless you like gimmicks and false promises.

0/10 Yummeis.


53 Rupert Street,
W1D 7PH.

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