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Come get lost with me in Marrakech… Final part

written by Amy Lau
A day in the Old Town, Marrakesh.

At first I was apprehensive about my stay here in Marrakesh; when I first arrived it was a huge culture shock. I wasn’t used to the scooters almost running me over, how there were no road signs, donkeys pulling carts in the streets, the smell, etc.

To say the least my initial day here was a traumatic experience, wading through the 40degree heat towards the main square, and cheating death so many times that eventually I became Bear Grylls.

Fast forward 2 days, after I returned from the Sahara, that’s when I fell in love with Marrakesh, what initially caused me to kick a rock and grumble whilst trudging through the city, I now skipped merrily, weaving through the souks like a local, and straining my companion’s french to the max. Getting lost was no longer an issue, we were now true Moroccans. Or so I like to think.

So, if you consider yourself a prissy princess, maybe Marrakesh isn’t for you. But if you’re an open minded individual, love learning about different cultures and are a bit partial to camels, I hope you’ll love Marrakesh as much as I did.

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