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written by Amy Lau

I know I said I would tell you why I’ve been MIA for 3 months.

But you see I’ve just been a bit too preoccupied in being awesome. 

Surely that’s a worthy excuse?


Alright fine. 

Some of you may know that I was hauled away to Hong Kong for uh.. business, now I can’t tell you exactly what I got up to, but I’ll show you what I ate.

Let the orgy begin!

@  Parkway supermarket – Ma On Shan

 Green tea and red bean ice lollies
Mountains of sushi 

Khoala biscuits!
@ Hui Lau San [these are dotted around all over Hong Kong]

Iced Mango-Sago 
 Sawaddee Thai Restarant 
 Deep fried Squid  

 Young Papaya Salad

   Tom Yum Soup

 Minced Beef with basil leaves

Red Beef Penang Curry

Green Chicken Curry 

@Sai Kung Fish Market


 @Mong Kok 

@ The Food Republic -SilverCord
Blackberry Slushies 

 DIY Steak from PepperLunch

 Prawn Tempura sushi, Scallop, Salmon and Prawn Nigiri
 Spicy Salmon roll, and Salmon Nigiri
 Pumpkin Croquette
 Udon Noodles

 Chinese Egg Waffles

@Sha Tin – New Town Plaza – Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
 Sushi Sashimi Salad

Spicey Ramen and Salmon and Scallop Nigiri
 Spicy Ramen, pickles and gyoza
 More sexual sushi
 Sushi mania!
@ Cafe de Coral

 @Fruit markets

 @Mazter Japanese Restaurant
 Oreo Milk Shake 
 Chicken Katsu
 Hot and Sour Ramen
Seafood Ramen and Prawn Tempura 

Fainted yet?

I was a true fat bitch in Hong Kong, and I regret nothing! 

There was more, but if I showed you those you would be in a food coma forever.

Next I skipped on over to Taiwan, that was a whole new level of gluttony. 

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