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Yatzen – Contemporary Oriental Cuisine- South Woodham Ferrers – Essex

written by Amy Lau
After I graduated from University, I was forced to retreat back to my hometown in Essex.
Grumbling, I packed up my belongings and moved home (this is a temporary arrangement of course).
The variety of restaurants here is dismal, with too many chain restaurants suffocating the town centre; programming the tastebuds of the people to only enjoy junk food.
Le sigh.
Wandering into a neighbouring town I stumbled across a diamond in the rough, so to speak. 
Hidden behind a mass of commercial buildings is Yatzen; a contemporary Oriental restaurant specialising in Chinese and Malaysian foods.
So, let me introduce you guys to her.
World meet Yatzen.
Yatzen; world.
Now you’ve been formally introduced, let’s crack on.

Starters: £2 each ( No, that wasn’t a typo)
Prawn toast

Normally, I don’t enjoy prawn toast as they can be notoriously oily; but these babies had a thick layer of prawns sitting on a very thin layer of bread AND were surprisingly ungreasy. 

Thai Sweet Chilli Ribs

The ribs were so tender that they melted as soon as you popped them in your mouth. The sauce was gooey and thick, with a slight spicy kick that complimented the sweetness perfectly.

Let’s just see them next to eachother…
Deep fried Malaysian Style Chicken Wings with Salt and Pepper

Wondering where the Malaysian comes in? Well when you take a bite into the soft succulent chicken, you’ll find that it has been marinated with Malaysian curry and spices; which is all encased within a crispy, spicy, and slightly salty exterior. 

Main Courses: £4.90 each
Beef Udon Noodles

Sambal Seafood Spicy Fried Rice

Chef’s Special: Mongolian Fillet Steak

My personal favorite was this dish, I don’t know what the Chef does in the kitchen, but the steak was unbelievably soft it’s indecent, yet so infused with flavour. You can taste the spice of the curry with the pepper, and the pang of sweetness as you swallow. 

Chef’s Special:Black Pepper Steak in Red Wine Sauce

If I could put an orgasm on a plate, this would be it.

A wave of flavours have a party in your mouth with this one. The sweetness of the sauce, a hint of the cracked pepper and lastly the red wine. So dirty, so tasty.

Let’s just marvel at some of the dishes again.

Just to reiterate my point again – each main course at that size was £4.90, and the starters were £2 per dish.  

I did however come here during lunch time, but their dinner prices are very cheap too and the high quality is consistent. 

This place really is hidden away, so you have to peek around the corner and then you will see Yatzen.

Yatzen opened less than a year ago so she’s a bit shy, but when you get to know her… 

My god. 

The photos really don’t do the food any justice. 

So, you owe it to yourself to try this place out. 

Yummei points? 9/10 



2 – 6 Reeves Way, 
South Woodham Ferrers, 

(Attached to the Oakland Hotel)

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