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Hong Kong Desserts – Hui Lau Shan and Honeymoon Dessert

written by Amy Lau
January diet??
I think it’s time you put those dumbbells down and feast your eyes ;]
Wherever you go in Hong Kong, you are bound to bump into Hui Lau Shan AND/OR Honeymoon Dessert.
Being so commonly dotted around like some sort of seductress, it’s only natural to go to both in one day.
Hui Lau Shan
This is one of the most common dessert chains you will come across in Hong Kong, it will be on street corners, booths, food courts, shopping malls etc. just shaking it’s mangoes at you.

Mango and Mango Juice Series: Blended Ice with Mango Pieces, Mango Juice and Sago
Bird’s Nest and Honey Jelly Series: Watermelon Blended Ice with Bird’s Nest and Honey Jelly
Mango Pudding: Mango Shaved Ice, with Mango Juice, Mango Pieces, Mango Ice Cream and Mini Glutinous Rice Balls
This place is where Mango dreams become a reality unlike some other unmentionable places.
Think every possible way to have a mango dessert, mango slushies, mango ice cream, mango cake, mango mousse… yeh you get the picture.
There are also a few other desserts that feature other fruits, if you are not a die hard mango fan.
Anyway, being the rebel that I so clearly am, my favourite beverage from this chain just had to be the Watermelon, Birds Nest and Honey Jelly drink. This is blended ice with watermelon with a dollop of Bird’s Nest on top, and honey jelly sitting on the bottom. So when you slurp, you get all three flavours combined and it’s just like a party in your mouth.
If you are not a fan of watermelon, then there are various variations of blended ice drinks from their menu.
For desserts, they have an extensive selection of mango-related desserts. I had Mango Shaved Ice, with Mango Juice, Mango Pieces, Mango Ice Cream and Mini Glutinous Rice Balls; so mouthful after mouthful of glorious mango :}
Don’t expect gourmet or even luxury seating, just cheap, fast, delicious mango desserts/drinks for a quick refuel after a serious day sight-seeing/shopping/gawking at passersby.
Why else do you think I went to TWO dessert places in one day?
Hui Lau Shan – 7/10 Yummeis
Honeymoon Dessert


This dessert chain is not as common as HLS, but nonetheless believe me you will stumble across this one at some point during your stay in HK.
You will find this chain in food courts, or occasionally as a stand alone restaurant.


Honeymoon Dessert has a much more varied and a wider selection of hot and cold desserts than HLS.

Being in Asia, I felt it a rite of passage to try the Durian, Green Tea Ice Cream in Vanilla Ice Sauce.

Durian, they say you either love it or hate it. I have to say it tastes better than it smells, it’s creamy and the flavour is not as strong you think it will be. It was thoroughly enjoyable :j

Anyway, you don’t have to order that you can mix it up with sesame, mango, green tea, vanilla ice cream, green glass jelly or red bean instead.

If were allowed to live my hippo dream, I would indulge in this everyday.

Ridiculously cheap, beautifully presented, delicious desserts.

What more do you want?

Honeymoon Dessert: 7/10 Yummeis


Hui Lau Shan
Various locations around Hong Kong – I was constantly lured to the ones littered around Mongkok
74 Argyle Street,

Honeymoon Dessert
Various locations- my favourite one was located in Sai Kung (It’s original branch)

G/F, 9-10ABC Po Tung Road,
Sai Kung,
New Territories

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Hui Lau Shan was soo addictive, that I had to have a daily dose

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