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Pepper Lunch – Hong Kong

written by Amy Lau
There are some things that the Asians’ just do better, and one of those things is their Fast Food.
Food is gourmet in Asian Food Courts compared to the West. 
So move over Mcdonald’s, Burger King and KFC and meet Fast Food Asian Style.
If I had to sit here and list it all to you, you would just faint at the sheer magnitude of the selection. 
One of my favourite places to eat in the Food Courts in almost every shopping mall, is Pepper Lunch.
Pepper Lunch, is an ingenious concept from Japan. 
Think- your own personal Teppanyaki, where you cook your food on a hot, sizzling plate.
You can choose, either beef, chicken, or salmon and they all come with rice plus extras depending on your combo deal.
For ~£6.50 I ordered the Pepper Steak.
Is this a dream!? 
The steak arrived leisurely lying upon a sizzling hot plate, so you have to cook it quick and rest it on the bed of vegetables – if you like to keep your steak medium rare like I do.
For ease of cooking, the steak is already cut into strips

Pepper Steak served with beansprouts, sweetcorn, green beans and an bowl of rice.

Obligatory close up time 

There’s nothing better than a hunk of meat, cooked to perfection.

The things I would do just to have this again.. ;]

This franchise needs to hurry up and cross the pond to the UK now!

If you’re in Asia, be sure to hunt this bad boy down and thank me later.

Pepper Lunch – 6.5/10 Yummeis.


Pepper Lunch
Various locations around Asia.

I went to the one in Hong Kong
~ Slilvercord – Food Republic
30 Canton Road,
Tsim sha tsui,

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