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Flat Iron Steak – Soho – London

written by Amy Lau
The first rule of Flat Iron is that there is only one choice.
The second rule: there is only one cut.
The final rule: there is only one steak. 
The Flat Iron Steak.
After a series of successful pop-ups during the summer last year, Flat Iron have finally set up a permanent home in Beak Street just off Carnaby Street.
I’ve always been a sucker for dark, intimate spaces; and Flat Iron doesn’t disappoint with it’s exposed brick walls, soft candle-light and limited seating. 

So what is the flat iron steak ?

This cut of meat comes from the cow’s shoulder; or more precisely it is the flat muscle off the shoulder blade, which is very cheap to buy and seriously underused. 

For only £10, the Flat Iron Steak is served with leaf salad.

You are given the choice of 4 sides ranging from Dripping cooked chips, Creamed Spinach, Market Greens, Sophie’s Salad and Roasted Aubergines for £2.50-3.50. 

Plus £1 for sauces ~ Bearnaise, peppercorn etc. 


The steak was presented to me cooked perfectly medium rare; so pink and still juicy.

But I found the steak although it was tender, it was rather chewy and dare I say alittle lacking in flavour, and I had to resort to sitting there masticating for awhile.

My accomplice had to demolish the rest of the steak for me. 

The chips were hollow and dry, and tried to escape the wrath of my fork as I tried to impale them –  so that peppercorn sauce was seriously needed. 


Like many of the other no reservation restaurants, come here early to avoid an arduously long wait. However, you are welcome to wait in the bar downstairs.

I really wanted to fall in love with Flat Iron, but the food didn’t make me quiver in pleasure as much as I wanted it to. 

Having said that I did really like the ambiance, the service was faultless plus where else are you going to find steak for £10 in central London?

6/10 Yummei Points

17 Beak Street,

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