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Lord Poppington’s Perfectly Popped Popcorn *

written by Amy Lau

Lord Poppington, is introducing his own brand of perfectly popped popcorn to the streets of the UK; and courtesy of the kind people at Clip, I was fortunate to be sent a few samples.

Lord Poppington’s Popcorn comes in 4 different flavours:
1) Sweet and Salty – Golden Barabados Sugar with Cornish Sea Salt
2) Lightly Sea-Salted – Pure Cornish Sea Salt
3) Chilli and Lime – Brazilian Lime and Cheeky Chilli
4) Four Cheeses – Quattro Formaggi 
LP prides himself in developing popcorn that is not only healthy but also is amazingly tasty. 

Taste Test!

Sweet and Salty: This is not as sweet nor salty as you would expect it to be, however it tasted more on the sweet side, and I couldn’t really taste the salt.

Lightly Sea Salted: This is barely salted, so it tastes exactly what is says on the packet ‘lightly salted.’

Chilli and Lime: This one has a kick to it. Instantly once you put it in your mouth you get a pang of chilli, but that is cooled down by the lime; making it so god damn addictive. You would need to get 2 packets to satisfy yourself, one packet is simply not enough!

4 Cheeses: Incredibly moreish. The 4 cheeses were not too overpoweringly tangy, and actually does remind me of a 4 cheese pizza. Impressive.

Popcorn Fluffiness?

LP does have perfectly popped, fluffy popcorn.

It was a pleasure not find a single hard unpopped corn kernel which you notoriously find in many other popcorn brands, thus avoiding that nasty surprise of biting down onto something hard and unforgiving.

To buy or not to buy?

The Chill and Lime, and the Four Cheeses is definitely something I would hunt down in stores, it’s hard to believe that they are both only 94 calories and yet so full of flavour.

I unfortunately was not much of a fan of sweet and salty nor lightly salted, but that is down to personal preferences.

Lord Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn is coming to stores soon.

So watch this space.

” Winners eat popcorn” – Lord Poppington

Fluffiness: 5/5
Taste: 3/5

Yummei Points: 8/10

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