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Princi – Soho – London

written by Amy Lau
I have a love/hate relationship with Princi.
I love the casual/slightly chaotic atmosphere, but I hate how there is no real system and how you really do have to hustle in there for a seat on the communal counters plus it is always busy. 
Princi is a Milanese bakery chain, and is great for breakfast/lunch or dinner.
3 in 1 baby.
Princi serve up a huge selection of cakes, pastries, bread; there is a selection of hot foods such as lasagne, aubergine parmigana etc, slices of pizza, filled focaccia, and salads. 
Here it is self service, and if you want anything from the different sections you would normally have to rejoin the queue for each. 
However you can opt to the left of Princi and dine in their pizzeria, which offers table service and whisks you away to a more calmer side of Princi.

Bartender’s popular Spritz £7.50 each

Cannoncini  £1.25 each

Profiterole £1 each

I came here for 2nd dessert (ohhh yes dessert AFTER dessert).

Don’t judge me.

I know you do it too.

YumMei or YumNei?

For £1 each I ordered a profiterole, and for £1.25 each; two Cannoncinis. 

The profiterole had sweet, vanilla cream encased in soft choux pastry and was decadently drenched in dark chocolate, it worked together so well and wasn’t sickeningly sweet. 

Incredibly moreish.

I was most upset that – that profiterole was the last one. 

Total outrage. But clearly a testament for how good they are.

Cannocinis: you can never go wrong with these Italian beauties. 

2 words. Cream horns. Do I honestly need to say more? ;]

Flaky puff pastry armour over vanilla cream. 

Two is a necessity not an indulgence.

Yummei Rating
7/10 Yummei’s 


135 Wardour Street,

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What delicious looking food !




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