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Koba – Fitzrovia – London

written by Amy Lau
This has been the worst Summer so far.
Normally by now I’m frolicking around half naked and attending more barbecues than I can count.
It’s now mid-June and I have barely gone to one.
This is an outrage on so many levels.
Luckily for you, I’ve got many alternatives; so we can have gourmet BBQ’s together 😛
One of my go-to favourite Korean BBQ Restaurant’s is Koba.
He’s located in Fitzrovia, hidden just off Tottenham Court Road.
Koba, isn’t the largest restaurant but the high ceilings give it an airy/relaxing atmosphere. 
So you can gaze up to the sky and shake your fist at the rain clouds. 

Bulgogi Beef BBQ
Want to see more?
Of course you do ;]

The only real way to enjoy BBQ Bulgogi Beef – wrapped in lettuce with a layer of seasoned spring onions with soybean paste. Trust me on this one.

Beef Sashimi Hot Stone Bibimbap

Bulgogi Beef – marinated sliced sirloin beef – £7.10 – 

To be eaten with Pamoochim & Sagchoo – fresh lettuce, seasoned soybean paste & sliced spring onion with chilli and vinegar – £4.50 
I know you were staring extra hard the BBQ images above, go on I know you want to; scroll back up ;]
This was incredibly marinated, flavour was infused into the beef. So, infused that every bite needed to be savoured.
You know the food is good, when conversation completely stops when you take that first bite.
BBQ bulgogi beef is exceptionally well wrapped with lettuce, then a layer of seasoned spring onions and a teasing drop of soybean paste. Don’t over do it with the sauce, as the beef is just so orgasmic, you don’t want to tamper with it’s natural beauty. 
Or if you’re a purist – devour straight from the hot BBQ. 
Beef Dolsot Bibimbap – Hot stone bowl raw beef bibimbap – £9.50 
I always have to have raw beef dolsot bibimbap on the side whenever I go to a Korean restaurant. 
It’s simply glorious to watch the beef slowly cooking in the hot stone bowl. 
I like to lash mine with a generous serving of chilli and mix it up.
Nothing says comfort like baked rice, with beef and crispy vegetables. 
Smiling waiters who cook your BBQ for you, while you watch with hungry eyes.
Super ninja service, so good that my glass was constantly topped up without me even realising.  

Yummei Points?

9/10 Yummei’s
11 Rathbone Street,
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Square Meal

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