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Mosimann’s Private Dining Club – Belgravia – London

written by Amy Lau
I admit that I have been rather naughty, and have neglected you all.
I don’t have an excuse this time. 
But… then this little post wouldn’t hold much merit if I didn’t go into hiatus for awhile.
So as a treat, I’m going to let you in on London’s best kept culinary secret.
Courtesy of being awesome (work), I was lucky enough to dine at the exclusive Mosimann’s Private Dining Club.
Mr. Anton Mosimann has the royal stamp of approval so expectations were exceedingly high.
His culinary style is described as ‘cuisine naturelle‘ for it emphasises only the use of healthy, natural ingredients and avoids additions of any fat and/or alcohol in his cooking. 
Only Mosimann could have forged a union between exquisitely tasty and healthy food; a coupling that was previously only thought to be mutually exclusive.


Starters: Salmon with Dorset Crab
 Main: British Fillet of Beef with Seasonal Vegetables and Royal Potatoes
 Cooked to perfection
 Dessert: Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Ice-cream & Raspberry Coulis

Mosimann’s Private Dining Club is set in an old Belgravia Church, and the moment you step in; you just know you won’t be disappointed. 
We were greeted by the Anton Mosimann; himself, to have a chef of his calibre take the time to actually greet his guests, no restaurant in town can match this level of hospitality.  
This is a family business at it’s best, and sheer fact that the patron actually works here, with his two sons whom manage the business shows that this is not just any dining experience, it’s a Mosimann’s experience.

Salmon with Dorset Crab – Assembled with just enough sprinkling of crab meat so I wouldn’t have a tantrum, with a lawn of zesty herbs that complimented the salmon & the crab without over powering the freshness it..
British Fillet Beef with Seasonal Vegetables – Just look at that ass. Juicy, plump and round. Seriously, just scroll back up. This was impossibly perfect, think beef that is so tender it melts it your mouth, and is so infused with flavour that sharing would be blasphemous. This is how a steak should be. Ahem. 
Chocolate Pudding – Who doesn’t like gooey, oozing dark chocolate encased in a soft yet crispy chocolate armour? Don’t be fooled by it’s unassuming appearance, it took 3 of us to demolish that. True decadence on a plate.

10/10 Flawless service without trying too hard; a balance that is hard to get right, impeccable food; an incredible experience.

Where? (…you would need become a member though)

11B West Halkin Street,


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