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Obica – Fitzrovia – London

written by Amy Lau
Sometimes all I want to do is escape.
Just run off to a secret hiding place, where no one can find me.
Living in the city can be abit too much at times.

It can often leave me with that strong urge to just disappear or teleport somewhere. Anywhere.

Thankfully, one fateful night Obika invited me into his lair.
He was warm, dark, and the best part? 
He led me underground.. ;]
Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and into a quiet safe haven with dim, sultry lighting, and soft wooden furnishings. 

Obika is a Mozzarella bar, and is the 1st of it’s kind in the world.

What is so special about Obika, is that everything from Datterini tomatoes (the sweetest tomatoes to ever exist) to the wine; is imported directly from Italy itself; and sourced from small family-run farms whom specialise in a particular produce; be it the exquisite mozzarella from La Bufalat (this is flown over 3 times a week to ensure that you are served only the finest, most freshest mozzarella possible).

So basically instant teleportation to Italy.

Need I even say any more?

Trio of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP: (Burrata, Bufala Classica, Bufala Affumicata [smoked]) served with Datterini Tomatoes & Spinach

Sex Appeal


Trio of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Denominazione di Protetta (DOP): 

This is only made from the creamy & nutritious milk of the water buffalo, it is crafted by artisan producers in the DOP of Compania in Southern Italy, and shipped over to Obika 3x a week.
Making this the finest mozzarella that money can buy. 
Burrata £6.95is a made from mozzarella & cream, normally the outer shell is a solid mozzarella whilst the inside contains mozzarella & cream which gives it an unusual soft texture.
Bufala Classica £5.95: nothing beats a classic 😛

Bufala Affumicata £5.95Smoked mozzarella, this is the only place that does smoked mozzarella. I was seriously impressed by how flavourful and soft it was. Normally I have only come across hard cheeses that were smoked. So needless to say, this really blew my mind.
Overall, this was by far the most softest, creamiest mozzarella I have ever had in my life.
You know when you push it down & it oozes alittle still? 
Then it just melts as soon as it touches your tongue.
Yeh these balls give it to you good ;]

The glorious spread

Prosciutto Bazzone & 20 Month Cured Parma Ham 
Sicilian Aubergine Casserole
Trio of Homemade Pesti, Basil, Black Olives, & Sundried Tomatoes
20 Month Cured Parma Ham (again just because I like to stare at it)
Grilled Artichokes from Gragnano

The Spread
Prosciutto Bazzone £6.95 &20 Month Cured Parma Ham £6.50 
Sicilian Aubergine Casserole £6.50
Trio of Homemade Pesti, Basil, Black Olives, & Sundried Tomatoes £3.95
Grilled Artichokes from Gragnano £6.95
This was a perfect mix of vegetarian plates and cold meat cuts. 
Everything really complimented each other, I could sit here all day just eating and chatting away to old friends.
The Bazzone is an October special and you can really taste the spices & pepper that has been infused within the meat. 
The 20month cured Parma Ham was so thinly sliced it could pass off being used in a stained glass window. That’s right, I went there. Also it was just so full of flavour &…..mmm…
The Sicilian Aubergine Casserole is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy, and there are hidden gems of almonds giving you that soft crunch. This goes amazingly well with the warm rosemary & extra virgin oil bread accompaniment. 
There are truly no words that could truly describe the beauty that was spread out before me.
You’re just going to have to go and try it for yourself.


Risotto with Black Truffle and Stracciatella di Burrata
Grilled Aubergine, Mozzarella di Bufala, & Organic Tomato Sauce
Aerial view
Seared Yellowfin Tuna Fillet with Pistachio, served with Rocket & Datterini Tomatoes
Necessary Close up

Risotto with Black Truffle and Stracciatella di Burrata £19.95

They use Japanese sushi rice for this risotto, and what a genius move this was.
Normally, I find risotto too stodgy and thick, but using Japanese rice for this dish made it so much lighter and as it was cooked with the Burrata; so irresistibly creamy.
The truffle didn’t over power the dish, nor take away from the light, creaminess of the Burrata & it was just so full of flavour. 
Harmony at it’s best. 
Also Obika doesn’t use any garlic or onions in their cooking, it really showcases the freshness of their ingredients.
Boy does it show. 

Grilled Aubergine, Mozzarella di Bufala, & Organic Tomato Sauce £9.95
When the aubergine is just baked enough that it still has a bite to it, you just know it’s going to be epic.
There’s nothing worse than forking into slices of mush.
This was a very simple dish, but done to perfection. 

Seared Yellowfin Tuna Fillet with Pistachio, served with Rocket & Datterini Tomatoes: £19.95

Scroll back up.
Just look at that hunk.
Seared just enough to give it that crispy coating.
The tuna was so fresh is was almost as if Obika had just caught that from the ocean and then served it to me.
Tongue meltingly fresh.
I still have dreams about this dish.


Tiramisu, Chocolate & Almond Cake, Buffalo Ricotta & Pear Cheesecake, & Buffalo Ricotta Cream with Honey, Orange Peel and Pine nuts.

Tiramisu £2.50:

Chocolate & Almond Cake £6.95:
Buffalo Ricotta & Pear Cheesecake £5.95:
Buffalo Ricotta Cream with Honey, Orange Peel and Pine nuts £2.50:

It’s always best to end the evening with something sweet.
I was particularly impressed with how Obika used the ricotta in the cheesecake, I expected it to be quite heavy but was pleasantly surprised.
But if I had my way I could eat the Tiramisu all day.

Dark, intimate lighting plus there are not many restaurants in London where you can feel completely at home.
There are no airs and pretences.
Everyone is treated with such a high calibre of service.
It was unrushed & the staff were attentive, engaging, & highly knowledgable of the history of the food and where everything comes from.
A rarity.


I’ve officially found my new hideout.

And fellas I’ve just given you a solid date destination.

Go forth and impress.

Even I’d fall for you if you took me here ;]

Yummei Rating:

10/10 Yummeis 


11-13 Charlotte Street,

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Vivi October 20, 2013 at 7:56 pm

I love cheese and of course mozarella :)! the food looks sooo delicious, I really have to go there soon. great review my dear 😉

xx Vivi

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