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Hare and Tortoise – Blackfriars – London

written by Amy Lau
Sometimes you just have to go back to basics.
During my time at uni, there was only one place I could afford to eat at and feel totally satisfied.
So satisfied, that it was inevitable that this event would be proceeded by an afternoon nap.
Nowadays, every time I go back, I am struck with this strong sense of nostalgia. (Probably because it’s no longer acceptable to take a nap at 2pm.)
Anyway let me introduce you to my dear old friend; Hare and Tortoise.



I used to be a regular at the Bloomsbury – Hare and Tortoise branch.

It had that canteen feel, you know with the light birch effect furniture, & being alittle cramped inside.

It was very student-y, but I loved it.

After graduating, I upgraded to the Blackfriars branch; purely because it’s closer to me since I moved flats.

It’s also alot sexier inside.

With cushioned seating, dark wooden furniture with a bright and airy open plan layout.
I like the fact that there are levels here, I’m normally on the elevated floor so I can peer down and perve on what everyone else is eating.
Ohh yeaahh…


Inari and Avocado Maki & Chive and Shrimp Gyoza
Close up
Bite me ;]
Chicken Katsu Curry


Mochi Ice cream – green tea, sesame & coconut
No mercy ;]

Sex Appeal


Inari and Avocado Maki £ 4.20

When I come here, I always order the same thing.
It’s a ritual.
The sushi is always fresh, and the portions are huge. Just look at the size of that sushi roll.
Putting that all in your mouth would be a struggle. (No mind wandering! – Cheeky ;])
But seriously, avoid ordering sushi on a date here unless you like the look of having half a sushi roll hanging out of your lips.
Unless you’ve mastered the technique of shamelessly, demolishing it in one mouthful. (Like myself).
Chive and Shrimp Gyoza £3.60

Who doesn’t like these dumplings?

Pan fried on one side for that slight crunch,  yet soft and succulent on the other – these little morsels are a necessity.


Chicken Katsu Curry £6.80

Since it’s getting colder, you need that sustenance, that nourishment that only a huge warming bowl of hot curry and rice can give.

It’s just homey.

Encased in a golden armour, the chicken is still juicy and soft.

Plus it rests on top of the rice away from the curry, so is served to you still crisp and absolutely not soggy. Readily waiting to be dunked into that curry sauce.

Gyudon £7.10

This is my favourite dish.

The ultimate comfort food.

Impossibly thin slices of beef, and onions cooked in a mild soy-sauce based gravy layered on top of a generous serving of rice.

The gravy oozes through the rice, the onions give it that crunch and texture, and the beef is just so god damn good.


Ice Cream Mochi – Green Tea, Coconut & Sesame £3.10

Don’t be shy and just dig in to these.

Ice cream is a classic, and needs no justification.


A full 3 course meal for two priced under £25.

I don’t need to say any more than that.


8.5/10 Yummei’s

Hare and Tortoise
90 New Bridge Street,

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Josie November 19, 2013 at 1:43 am

Yuuummmeh! 🙂

Amy Lau December 1, 2013 at 9:51 pm

it was 😀

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Looks amazing!!


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