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Vivo Angel – London

written by Amy Lau
Dessert is the best ice-breaker.

First of all, you’re supposed to share.

So… hello spoon action ;]

Secondly, let’s be real if you’re talking about chocolate and cream, you’re already flirting.

Right, now all you need is a location.

So where can you find a place where all the desserts are displayed right in front of you – where you can shamelessly wander around pondering which one you want.

Say hello to Vivo Angel.

Filled Foccaica 
French Pastries
More cakes
Even more cakes

Vivo has a really laid back atmosphere, you know that place where you can just rock up and grab a seat wherever you want… on the seriously long table right in the middle.

Surprisingly it doesn’t feel cramped at.

Anyway if it gets too heated, you can always go upstairs to the terrace ;]

But why would you want to do that, when such a display of cakes, cheesecakes, pastries are shamelessly being flaunted at you.

There are also offerings of filled foccaica, pizza that they heat up in a secret stone oven, salad for those looking for something more savoury.

Sex Appeal?

I plumped for the pear and berry danish pastry at £1.95 each, with a side of this strawberry mille feuille-esque beauty for £3~.

I am always a bit weary with cream-heavy desserts, sometimes the cream is too bland or there’s just too much of it.

So you always have to have a back-up dessert when you take a risk.

Luckily for me, I needn’t have worried the strawberry cream pastry was perfection.

The cream wasn’t too sweet,  the pastry just crumbled and melted in yo’ mouth.

Needless to say the other two danish pastries were gone in seconds.

Clearly, I need to learn to pace myself….


8/10 Yummei’s

Vivo Angel
57 – 58 Upper Street,
N1 0NY

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