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Marani – Mayfair – London

written by Amy Lau
Courtesy of the fine people at Zomato, I was invited to a secret location, it was kept so under wraps that not even I had heard of the cuisine before.
Until recently, not much is known of Georgian cuisine – it was a secret to almost everyone.
Georgian food has slowly been creeping out of the woodwork.
Hiding in between the winding walkways in Mayfair is Marani; a Georgian restaurant.
With Marani, you’re instantly transported back to the 19th century as soon as you step through the doors.
The high ceilings, the hand painted walls and the warm hospitality of the staff all add to the endearing charm of the restaurant.
Fresh Tomato Salad with a Vinaigrette Dressing
Elarji & Bazhe (Poltenta & Cheese Balls) with an Almond Dipping Sauce
Freshly Baked Bread with Garlic Butter
Chkmeruli (Corn-fed grilled Baby Chicken in a Garlic & Cream Sauce)


I had no idea what to expect from Georgian cuisine – and I was blown away.
When there is copious use of cheese, cream & garlic in any cuisine; you just know that you’re going to have to undo that top button of your jeans & loosen that belt in anticipation.
My personal favourite was the Chkmeruli dish – Corn-fed grilled Baby Chicken in a Garlic & Cream Sauce – the chicken was so tender that it fell apart as soon as I tried it impale a piece with my fork.
Also the creamy garlic sauce was not too over-powering, so you won’t be warding off Dracula; and despite being made with cream didn’t feel too heavy. It was so delectable that I had to go back and dip the freshly baked bread in the sauce. Pauper style but I like it ;]
Next up, the amazing chefs of Marani were so kind to teach us how to create some classic Georgian dishes – Khinkali (pork dumplings), Imeruli Khachapuri – (Cheese baked dough), Adjaruli khachapuri – boat-shaped cheese bread served with an egg.
Chefs showing us how to make Khinkali (Pork dumplings)


The Pork Filling 
Handmade Khinkali Dumplings!
We were all given the opportunity to each make a dumpling with the lovely chefs guiding us.
It’s tougher than it looks creating perfectly shaped dumplings, and we all laughed and pointed at the monstrous dumplings we created.
Anyway, every things tastes better when you make it yourself.
The dough is surprising thicker than the dumpling dough I’ve been used to playing with to make i.e. Chinese dumplings, so I was intrigued as to how they would come out.
I also got the luxury to make the cheese baked dough – Imeruli Khachapuri.
Check out my bulging biceps while I was slapping that dough into shape ;]
My moment to shine making Imeruli Khachapuri – (Cheese baked dough)
 Encasing the Cheese in the dough


 Rollin’ that dough ;]
After breaking a sweat making the Khinkali dumplings,  & Imeruli Khachapuri – it was time for the second round of feasting.
Success – my perfectly formed Imeruli Khachapuri – (Cheese baked dough)
Adjaruli khachapuri – boat-shaped cheese bread served with an egg (inside)
Steamed Khinkali Dumplings!
Khinkali (Pork dumplings)
So, the way to eat these handsome devils was to hold them upright from the stem and bite into the casing where you will then slurp the soup from within and then bite it all in one 😛
These reminded me of a marriage between Chinese pork dumplings with Shanghai dumplings.
Think of the sturdy casing of the Chinese pork dumplings with pork, with the explosion of flavour from the soup hiding within the armour of the dumpling.
Imeruli Khachapuri – (Cheese baked dough)
It’s hard not to admire one’s own handiwork ;]
Melted, oozy cheese encased in crisp bread? Who can say no to that?
Adjaruli khachapuri – boat-shaped cheese bread served with an egg (inside)
This dish took cheesy baked bread to newer heights.
Not only was there a molten lake of cheese in the centre but also a golden eruption of yolk.
If you’re going to order anything from a Georgian restaurant – make it this dish.
Mille-Fueille with Mascapone Cream
Honey Cake with Walnuts, Meringue & Condensed Milk Custard
Matsoni ( Georgian yoghurt served with Walnut Preserve
Trio of Desserts because sharing is caring ;]
After over-indulging on cheese – dessert was summoned over.
Mille-Fueille with Mascapone Cream
This was surprisingly light and airy, whilst retaining that crispiness to the puff pastry layers.
Honey Cake with Walnuts, Meringue & Condensed Milk Custard
Honey, cream, condensed milk custard, meringue AND walnuts all in one. Shamelessly alluring.
Matsoni ( Georgian yoghurt served with Walnut Preserve
The yoghurt was really thick, like (real) Greek yoghurt, and was really refreshing. A must after eating all that cheese & cream ;]
Yummei’s? 8/10
55 Curzon Street,
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miho July 22, 2014 at 8:32 pm

i've only tried Georgian food once but remember it being delicious – obviously it wasn't a fluke! this looks so good. Are you going to their event on 30th July? It's my first blogger/Zomato event and I'm a little nervous but excited! x

Amy Lau July 30, 2014 at 9:57 am

Hey Miho!

It was amazing! I would go back and eat that all over again!

Yes I will be! See you there lovely!!

Love and Limoncello September 21, 2014 at 3:02 pm

This looks food great. I haven't tried Georgian food before but the BF has and says it's actually quite nice.



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