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Moti Mahal – Spice & Gosset Champagne Event – Covent Garden – London

written by Amy Lau
I can shamelessly admit that I am probably the worst person to be sat next to at a dinner party.
I have serious self restraint problems.
So, if you see me looking smug with myself perched bang in the centre of the table, the worst choice you could make is to sit opposite or next to me.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Poppadums & Chutney

Recently, I was invited to Moti Mahal for their Spice & Champagne Event to sample their Grand Trunk Road Menu expertly paired with Gosset Champagne.
The concept of the menu is to sample dishes from various different districts in India along the Grand Trunk Road – to explore the different types of Indian dishes all in one sitting.
Hello road trip!
Flutes of Gosset Champagne 
Kumro Phool Bhaja – Calcutta
Stuffed courgette flower with masala shrimp, with tomato jaggery chutney
Checking out that gooey centre ;]
 Kumro Phool Bhaja – Calcutta 
Stuffed Courgette Flower with Masala Shrimp served with Tomato Jaggery Chutney paired with Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs NV

Nothing is worse than having a mouthful of batter.

Luckily for me the courgette flower was coated with the thinnest golden crisp exterior encasing an explosion of flavour within. You can still see the shrimp peeking out of the courgette flower.

Paired with Gosset Grand Blanc NV (100% Chardonnay) – this was a pale gold in colour, and was incredibly easy to drink with notes of almond and fresh flowers. (Yes really)

Polichathu – Kerala
Red mullet baked with masala crab meat in a fragrant leaf parcel 
Inspecting the secret parcel 
Undressing ;]

Polichathu – Kerala 
Red Mullet Baked with Masala Crab Meat in a Fragrant Banana Leaf Parcel paired with Gosset Grand Millesime 2004

I love unwrapping any sort of parcel.

You could tell that the mullet was incredible fresh as you didn’t get that stale fishy taste – that angers me, this baby just melted in my mouth with each mouthful.

Paired with Gosset Grand Millesime 2004 – this had citrus-y vanilla notes with a very slight dare I say taste of honey.

Murgh Nazakar – Punjab
Trio of tandoori grilled chicken 


With Chicken Keema Naan 
Jackfruit Pickles

Murgh Nazakat – Punjab
Trio of Tandoori Grilled Chicken, Chicken Keema Naan & Jackfruit Pickles paired with Gosset Grande Reserve NV

I don’t normally order chicken much in restaurants, as it is just so easy to over cook; and you’re left with this tough piece of tasteless lump of chicken.
With Moti Mahal I need not have worried, every piece was succulent, tender and had that depth of infused flavour throughout the meat.
It was so good, that I reached out for a second skewer before anyone else notice. Eheee
The tandoori was especially good when eaten with the jackfruit pickle & the chicken keema naan.

It is also necessary to highlight that that Moti Mahal have possibly THE BEST naan in London.

They made fresh to order (a rarity in London restaurants) are crispy, airy, fluffy and packed full of flavour.

Paired with Gosset Grande Reserve NV – I was probably a little on the tipsy side by this glass – but I do recall the faint flavours of pear.

Chilli Pepper ‘Salan’ Curry
Date & Mint Raita
Gosht Biriyani – Lucknow 
Lamb leg Biriyani

Gosht Biriyani – Lucknow 
Lamb Leg Biriyani, chilli pepper ‘Salan’ Curry served with Date & Mint Raita paired with Gosset Grand Rose NV

You know a lamb biriyani has been made with love when the lamb is still so juicy, and soft. The rice was still moist and enriched with the flavour of the slow cooked lamb, I slathered mine with the chilli pepper ‘Salan’ curry to add some of that much needed heat. The date & mint raita added that lightness and coolness back into the dish. This is very dangerous, as it gives you that false sense of security that you can have a second helping.

Paired with Gosset Grand Rose NV – this is a blend of Chardonnay and red wine from Pinot Noirs which gives this champagne it’s aroma of strawberries.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Ganache, Caramelised Banana & Berries, Dark Chocolate & Coconut Ice cream


Chocolate Special – Moti Mahal 
Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache, Caramelised Banana & Berries, Dark Chocolate & Coconut Ice cream paired with Frapin VS Cognac

The chocolate hazelnut ganache was incredible rich and indulgent, and was immediately lightened up by the caramelised banana & berries and the dark chocolate & coconut ice-cream. All desserts should come in 3’s.

Paired with Frapin VS Cognac – this was a really smooth and fruity cognac. So good, that I think I reached over and swiped some poor soul’s glass next to me.



I can’t normally stomach Indian food, usually the spices are too much for me. But not at Moti Mahal, every single dish was oozing with flavour without being too overpowering.

I would definitely return, especially for that Stuffed Courgette Flower.


9/10 Yummeis

Moti Mahal
5 Great Queen Street,
Covent Garden

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