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Big Easy – BBQ & Whisky Master Class – Covent Garden – London *

written by Amy Lau
Man Vs. Food was and still is one of my FAVOURITE shows of all time.
Who doesn’t envy Adam Richman, travelling all over America feasting on that fine ass BBQ.
Whilst we sit there salivating. Wishing we were thousands of miles across the Atlantic, getting our hands dirty eating that true American BBQ too.
If only there was some way we could get our hands on it?
Oh wait…
There is!
Since the Big Easy expanded their empire to Covent Garden, in London.
Making it that much easier to have a taste of that all American BBQ from the comfort of your backyard.
It’s time to play catch up.  Adam can’t have all the fun.

I was invited to the BBQ & Whisky Masterclass courtesy of the Big Easy.

A winning combination right there.

Chilled Atlantic Crab and Giant Shrimp served with a honey mustard sauce 

We were quickly ushered to our seats where the Head Bartender, Matt Critch; introduced us to our first Whisky of the night – Mackmyra Whisky (Sweden) before our sea creatures; chilled Atlantic Crab and Giant Shrimp served with a honey mustard sauce were summoned over ready to be indulged ;]

Drunken Shrimpy Paired with Mackmyra Whisky (Sweden)

 Chilled Atlantic Crab and Giant Shrimp served with a honey mustard sauce 

Those prawns were so big, they were trying to escape from the icy vessel they came in.

The prawn was juicy, plump and perfectly cooked.

Paired with Mackmyra Whisky (Sweden) – this single malt whisky from Sweden; is seriously smooth and incredibly easy to drink with undertones of vanilla and berries.

Bantering with the Head Chef, Mike Boulos
Being highly enlightened intoxicated by Head Bartender, Matt Critch
Wood Roasted West Country Mussels in a Special Spicy Creamy Sauce made with a Whisky Reduction
Paired with Port Askaig 19 – Islay (Scotland)

Wood Roasted West Country Mussels 

Next up, we were the Wood Roasted West Country Mussels in a Special Spicy Creamy Sauce made with a Whisky Reduction.

Not only were the mussels fresh, they were meaty f*ckers and were made all the more glorious because of that exquisite sauce it was bathed in.

The sauce was creamy without being too heavy, with a hint of chilli and garlic. It was an explosion of flavours that I didn’t know even existed.

Thank the lord the chef wedged in a piece of crusty bread in between those tasty morsels. It would have been sacrilege not to have something to lap up that golden liquid.

This was paired with Port Askaig 19 – Islay (Scotland) – this was a slightly smoky whisky with notes of cocoa butter. Interesting. Velly interesting.

Pitmaster; Pete Daversa
Pit-smoked BBQ Chicken (half), St. Louis Ribs, Carolina Pulled Pork with a side of BBQ Sauce
Such bounty
Just look at that the size of that Flintstone-esque RIB!

Pit-smoked BBQ Chicken paired with Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky (Japan)

At first glance, I initially thought that the chicken would be a little dry.

I was wrong. So wrong. That chicken was a fine beauty of a specimen.

This was paired Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky (Japan) and was probably my favourite whisky of the night, giving off a sweet flavours of vanilla and melon.

St. Louis Ribs paired with Corsair Triple Smoked Batch 66 – Kentucky (America)
If were to rank ribs in order of sexual appeal this one would be the ultimate pornstar.

A real show stopper.

There were thick layers of meat and sliver of fat, making this rib impossibly tender, juicy and just so f*cking awesome.

This rib was everything that I dreamed it would be.

This was paired with  Corsair Triple Smoked Batch 66 – Kentucky (America), this whisky was a little too smoky for me. Think leather and corn…

Carolina Pulled Pork – paired with Aberlour a’Bunadh #48 (Scotland) 

You know you’ve found something good when the pulled pork doesn’t hide behind the BBQ sauce it’s normally slathered in.

Filthy gorgeous.

By this point I had given up using my fork ;]

This was paired with Aberlour a’Bunadh #48 (Scotland), which was a little spicy yet had a very slight sweetness to it.

Cornbread Pudding with a Sticky Toffee Sauce

I know you’re eyeing up that sticky toffee sauce.

Go on.

Do it.

Lick the screen.

Cornbread pudding paired with Mellow Corn Heaven Hill Distillery (USA)
The cornbread pudding was light, not too sweet so the ice-cream and toffee sauce really brought the whole dish together.
I’ve never eaten a pudding so fast in my life.
It was as if I was in trance.
A sugary, addictive trance.
Definitely NOT for sharing.
This was paired with Mellow Corn Heaven Hill Disterlliery (USA), the was quite sweet with notes of vanilla and buttery sweetcorn.


This tasting menu and whisky tasting should totally be on offer for the public. Thank you Big Easy for an amazing evening!

Big Easy BBQ and CrabShack
12 Maiden Lane,
Covent Garden,

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