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Dim Sum at Novikov

written by Amy Lau

Novikov does incredible dim sum.

I never thought I would utter these words, yet alone mean them so deeply.

Novikov 1Novikov is owned by Arkady Novikov, one of Russia’s most successful businessmen with a span of over 50 restaurants in Moscow before setting his sights on London. For those who don’t know, Novikov isn’t a new restaurant. It’s the 540-seater super-restaurant that opened back in the summer of 2011. It’s comprised of an Italian & Pan-Asian restaurant with a lounge bar downstairs.

Novikov-4Novikov-6Novikov has some serious sex appeal.As soon as you walk through the doors it feels as if you have entered a secret members club.

As we were here for Dim Sum we went to the Asian side; here it’s dark, intimate and has THE most incredible display of fresh vegetables & seafood in front of the glassed open kitchen; which gives you the voyeurism without the distraction of noise from peeking at the kitchen in full action. You can request to choose your own dinner for the evening, and can ask for anything from the market to be cooked ‘just how you like it.’

Novikov-45We sat opposite the market area, so I can face plant against the glass wall and stare longingly at the freshest fish & shellfish; so fresh that I spied the langoustines trying to wriggle away to freedom whilst the lobsters antennae’s nervously probed the air. HEAVEN!

Novikov-7We went for the lunch Dim Sum menu, where you order in number of portions.

You are given the choice of either 5 portions for £25 or 8 portions for £36 (4 dumplings per portion).

Mmmhmmm I know what you’re thinking, pretty shocked at the affordability of their lunch menu right?! Go quickly before they realise!!

Novikov-9Their Dim Sum menu although small, is well-thought out and elevates what you thought you knew about Dim Sum unto a whole new level.

We went for the:

Spicy Prawn ‘Moneybag’
Chicken & morel siu mai
Kimchi wagyu dumplings
Shrimp & Coriander dumplings
Xiao Long Bao
Black Cod dumpling
Scallop Olive
Steamed prawn, Froi Gras & truffle dumplings

Trust me when I tell you. I have never had Dim Sum quite like this.

Novikov-14Novikov-16Every dumpling was a very generous size. Probably the biggest I have ever been presented with, with the name ‘Moneybag’ in the name you would expect some pretty hefty sized-dumpling balls to come out. And boy oh boy did they not disappoint.

Sizeable, and beautiful. No skinny dumplins’ here!

Each mouthful, was as memorable as the next. The first bite of a Novikov dumpling is something that you will remember for the rest of the year.


Spicy Prawn MoneybagNovikov-8Taking my initial bite of the Spicy Prawn Moneybag dumpling, I was taken back at how fresh it was and by the fact that there was a full prawn in there.

The dumpling casing was so soft yet kept it it’s integrity until the first bite. Revealing a crunchy prawn and a very slight hint of spiciness.

Now…. I could go and describe each dumpling to you, but they were all so awesome that I would have succumbed into ecstasy by the end of each mouthful, it would have probably turned into some other literature that you could all do with out. SO… I will just mention those that you SHOULD try.

Shrimp & Coriander dumplings Novikov-10Chicken and morel siu maiNovikov-12The Siu Mai: I will admit that normally, I am not a huge fan of siu mai. It always leave a weird after taste in my mouth that I don’t like.

But these Chicken & morel siu mai were sublime. The morel added a subtly mushroom flavour that was almost creamy. Novikov-13Wagyu beef & kimchiNovikov-26Novikov-37

Novikov-28Olive ScallopNovikov-39 Novikov-38Steamed prawn, Froi Gras & truffle dumplingsNovikov-33 Novikov-32Xiao Long BaoNovikov-35THE Xiao Long Bao: this is probably one of THE BEST xiao long baos that I have ever had. The huge medallion of meat that was encased the delicate dumpling skin was most definitely floating in a river in soup gushed out like a waterfall on the first bite. It was love at first bite.

It was SO good, that I was eye-balling the final last dumpling so hard that FreshMikeEats gave mercy on me and let me have him. SUCCESS! He’s mine… my own…. my precious ;D

Novikov-43 Black CodNovikov-31Novikov-15Verdict? Cancel your weekend plans next week right this second, and book yourself in for lunch at Novikov in their Asian room. Order the dim sum & die happy. You will wonder why you didn’t have them on speed dial for dim sum lunch Sundays in the first place.

Just take a look at our experience from our trip there from FreshMikeEats

Thank you @novikovrestaurant for the juicy experience, your dim sum menu totaly blew my mind… I will be back again!

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