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Living the Raw Lifestyle at Rawligion

written by Amy Lau

Let’s talk about raw baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things that may be…

Let’s talk about……

We’re talking about clean livin’ here ūüėČ

Firstly,¬†I know you weren’t expecting to read about ‘raw’ and ‘healthy’ with this beauty being shamelessly displayed.

RAWLIGION-9Let’s take a step back…

What is Rawligion? It’s the new¬†organic, plant-based cafe that has recently just opened on Tottenham Court Road from former professional poker player¬†John Tabatabai. After his former fast and furious lifestyle started to affect his health, he discovered the magnitude of benefits from living a raw lifestyle, and now want’s to help change London’s perception of being ‘plant-powered.’

He’s taken dishes we are familiar with and given them a RAWLIGION-twist to them, and superfied them. No more guilty meals here!

The Strawberry Cheesecake & Keylime Pie Cheesecake  (the base) is made up mainly of fermented sunflower seeds and yoghurt.

RAWLIGION-8RAWLIGION-5Pad Thai Рshredded carrot, courgettes, cabbage, coriander and bean sprouts and tossed in a Thai-style dressing.

RAWLIGION-7Tabbouleh – Hemp seeds, tomatoes, mint, lemon and parselyRAWLIGION-6Kelp Noodles in pesto – this was one of my favourite dishes of the evening. The seaweed had a wonderful soft yet crunchy texture and mixed with a very simple creamy pesto sauce. I could eat this over and over again. Not only having a magnitude of health benefits, it is also delicious. Hard to source but so worth the money I’d say!

RAWLIGION-3Chocolate Torte – raw chocolate never tasted so good… this one was decadent, rich, and definitely didn’t feel like it should be considered ‘healthy.’RAWLIGION-4¬†Millionaires Shortbread: This version of Millionaires shortbread is enough to turn the biggest cynic into a believer of raw. It is made primarily from buckwheaties, with the caramel being made from almond butter + yacon syrup.

It was intensely rich and decadent, how can something so good be considered ‘sinless.’ If I could I would eat this everyday!¬†RAWLIGION-2Raw food is higher on price-point compared to the average lunch cafe. This is due to the technology behind how the food is prepared and sourced¬†at Rawligion. Summer is here and if you want to try something different give raw a go, and visit Rawligion. The sheer thought and technology used to create each dish is commendable.

Though I would admit that I couldn’t live a raw lifestyle, (raw food isn’t for everyone) but if you’re looking to fix up your lifestyle. Rawligion is worth a visit, even to look at the coolest coffee machine in the world being used at the cafe.



3 Tottenham St, London

P.S: I recently had my camera stolen ūüôĀ Sheepa¬†graciously lent me some of her photos for this review. I was invited to sample Rawligion prior to the opening.

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