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Chinese Cricket Club – Master of Dim Sum

written by Amy Lau

Something strange happened the other day.

There was this feeling inside, that I simply couldn’t hide anymore.

The day that I realised that I clearly was meant to be a THE Master of Dim Sum. 

chinese-cricket-club-1How did this life calling come about you ask?

Well… I was invited to the Chinese Cricket Club to test run their new dim sum making class.

What a fitting place to learn how to fold, those delicious steamed parcels of joy.

The Chinese Cricket Club Restaurant is one of the only dim sum restaurants in London that create house-made dim sum every day using the freshest ingredients.

chinese-cricket-club-2Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Ken Wang, whose is known for his individual style of cooking which fuses modern technique, with traditional and authentic Sichuan flavours; & our Dim Sum Master: Mai Lan (previously of Hakkasan) we were taught a few trade-secrets on how to fold the perfect dumpling.

chinese-cricket-club-3But before that, we had to pass the 1st stage before we graduated into dumpling folding – and that was to learn how to fold spring rolls.  We were all given wafer thin pastry cut out in the shape of a large triangle, and the trick to create the perfect spring roll, is not to over-stuff it with the filling (pork, carrots, wood-ear fungus, cabbage, vermicilli noodles).chinese-cricket-club-4The class passed the initial test with flying colours! Next it was time to make wontons! Mai Lan lovingly showed us how to fold like a professional, and we went on our way!chinese-cricket-club-5Look at those beauties. Impressive technique, I’d say 😛 I felt like the cat that got the cream 🙂

chinese-cricket-club-6The wonton filling was made with minced prawn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, spring onions, & pak choi.chinese-cricket-club-7chinese-cricket-club-9chinese-cricket-club-11We also made Scallop & prawn sui mai, the prawns were HUGE, the size of my palm. This dumpling involved a little more technique and talent to fold. Thankfully, Mai Lan had the patience of saint and help us all create our master pieces. After our hard work, our dumplings were sent off to the kitchen to be steamed and then we could reap the rewards of our efforts with a dim sum feast.

chinese-cricket-club-12THEN, we sampled some of the Chinese Cricket Clubs signature dishes.

These included – Slow-braised pork belly. My absolute favourite melt-in-your-mouth pork with a rich sauce that almost had that umami flavour, laced over sticky-rice. This was most satisfying and I just wish I didn’t have to share it.

chinese-cricket-club-13 chinese-cricket-club-14Pak-choichinese-cricket-club-15Special Seabass – the seabass was cooked to the point that it was still moist, flaky and covered in a spicy nutty sauce, adding texture and crunch. chinese-cricket-club-16Emperors Peking Duck – I haven’t had Peking duck quite like this… The duck had a very crispy layer yet the flesh was still moist. Needless to say it was quickly demolished.
chinese-cricket-club-17Sichuan special fried ricechinese-cricket-club-18



I had a fantastic time learning to make dim sum, and to top it off they gave us the recipes so we can recreate them at home. Life skills for those domestic bliss moments. As you can see I’ve graduated to become the dim sum master I always knew I had inside me. Thank you Chinese Cricket Club for unlocking my talents.

Ken Wang’s food is a welcome delight to the London foodie scene, and I will definitely return for the braised pork and Peking duck. 😀


Chinese Cricket Club
Crowne Plaza London – The City
19 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6DB

For more information about their dim sum events > follow them here

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