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Where to Eat in Tokyo | Go Go Curry

written by Amy Lau

Strolling around Tokyo you will no doubt stumble across Go Go Curry houses.

Enticed by the that angry gorilla branding, no other words except “utter genius” should leave your lips whilst entering this delicious Japanese curry house.


Japanese curry is completely different to other Asian curries. It has a unique flavour, is not spicy and there are many variations of this thick, rich gravy-like sauce from the heavens. It is comfort food like no other, and I fell head over heels for Japanese curry.

Go Go Curry’s menu is very simple. There is only one type of curry, four topping options, and four sizes. All served with freshly sliced cabbage, the most perfect accompaniment. Once you try this, there is no going back.

Indulgence is made easy at Go Go Curry, especially when their ordering system feels like a game.


Check out our YouTube videos for our reactions for our first time trying Go Go Curry.



GoGo Curry Shinjuku East Exit Shop
Pegasus Pavilion 1F 3-31-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku.

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