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Top 3 Eats at Broadway Market

written by Amy Lau
One of the hardest things to do during the weekend is to wake up early. Early being earlier than 12pm in my case. I mean who doesn’t like a lie in. That feeling of the warm sun streaming through the windows and gentling rousing me from my slumber, with not a care in the world.
That was until Dumpling Shack set up shop at Broadway Market, a Saturday market in London Fields, specialising in Shenjian Bao.
If you have not heard of Shenjian bao, these are the doughier pan-fried cousin of Xiao Long Bao.
Soup-filled crispy pork dumplings, yes please!
Since Dumpling Shack notoriously sell out early, so in order to get your hands on their famous dumplings, I had to wake up early. A testament to how incredible these dumplings are, because I don’t get out of bed for just any bao – eating these is a holy experience.
After filling ourselves with these dumplings it’s now time to move on to my next top bite.
Next stop, Butchies for their buttermilk fried chicken. They pamper their chicken by giving them a buttermilk bath over night before frying them in a pressure cooker, made to order. Making this the most juiciest, and succulent chicken ever. We opted for the Clancy, bacon, guacamole with that moist Chicken. The chicken has a milky buttery taste to it, making them this sandwich one of my MUST-HAVES in the market.
Thirdly, if that not enough walk yourself down towards Deeneys for their Macbeth’ haggis cheese toasties.
We were lucky enough to get our mits on the famous Hamish Macbeth, a generous & hearty amount of haggis and ooozy cheddar melted all together together, with mustard, caramelised onions and rocket, sandwiched between granary bread.
Haggis never tasted more appealing than in this super cheese sandwich.
Watch @FreshMikeEats video for the full review of Broadway Market.


Broadway Market
London E8 4QJ
Saturdays Only

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