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Patty & Bun – Bond Street – London

written by Amy Lau

Holy mother of cheese.

Mark my words you will be screaming those exact same words.
How do I know this?
Because that was my reaction when I took my first bite of what-so-far is the mother of all burgers that has hit London.
Along St. Jame’s Street just off Bond Street is Patty and Bun.
London’s worst kept secret.
With burgers named like The Ari Gold (those who watch Entourage will understand), and The Lambshank Redemption; you really cannot walk by without stopping just to stare.
There are only 6 burgers on the menu.
Each one a character in their own right. (And rightfully named.)
Choose wisely.
We went for The Lambshank Redemption, The Jose Jose, and The Smokey Robinson.




The Burgers: All decently priced between £7-8.
The patty was cooked medium rare, and boy it was juicy but just enough, so it wasn’t soggy.
The brioche bun, lightly toasted so it’s still soft yet still holds the burger intact.So think rugged, badass beef patty, that is encased in toasted sweet brioche.

We all know that when brioche is grilled, it becomes the King amongst the bread kingdom; slightly crispy but once it touches your lips it melts like butter.

Then the orgy begins when the meat comes to play along with all the cheese, caramelised onions… etc.

Quality on every level.
You won’t be disappointed.
The Sides: priced £2.50- £5.
Chicken Wings. Impossibly perfect. The barbecue sauce was sweet, sticky and lathered over the crispy exterior. The best part? The meat just fell away from the bone with the first bite.
Fries: Well I like to see skin, and they weren’t shy to show it to me ;] [Potato skin that is.]Ambiance:

I went here on a Saturday evening, so it was dark, super busy and there’s loud music pumping.
You have been warned to avoid at peak times like lunch and weekends if you don’t like queuing.Also the restaurant is pretty small, so break it down to smaller groups or go in a couple.

I will definitely come back to Patty&Bun for The Lambshank Redemption, and as an added bonus this place won’t blow a hole in your wallet.

Affordable. Quality. Perfection.

Yummeis: 9/10 

Patty and Bun
54 James St.
W1U 1EUPatty and Bun on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

———————————————————————————————————————Apologies for the photo quality – it was dark and I was hungry plus I had to swipe D.’s Samsung camera phone as I have still yet to claim a new camera – but I will be properly armed and ready for action soon!

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