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Eat Yourself Young – Simplyhealth & The Underground Cookery School – hosted by Kate Cook – London *

written by Amy Lau
The holidays are only around the corner!
This means engaging in some serious gluttonous behaviour ;] 
Ohh yess this is what the holidays are for!
Fortunately before I reached the point of no return with such debauchery, I was rescued by Simplyhealth & The Underground Cookery School; who sat me down for the ‘Eat Yourself Young’ workshop hosted by the wonderful Kate Cook.

Ageing and the Importance of Nutrition
Kate has been a nutritionist for over 13 years, has published a series of books and has extensively appeared in the media.
We live in a nation whom are confused by what we should and shouldn’t be eating to lead a healthy lifestyle, and this isn’t helped by the health industry constantly promoting various ways to lead their version of the ‘ideal healthy lifestyle.’ 
Where do we start?
Kate enthused that the first step is to understand how to balance the blood sugar. In doing so can help with sleep intake, weight loss and to alleviate stress. We all know that stress is one of life’s miseries that can increase ageing physically faster, so any way to help tackle this demon is a god send.
According to Kate, it is of the utmost importance to maintain your glucose levels in order to function optimally. If blood sugar levels aren’t maintained this can result in irritablity, loss of concentration and tiredness in the short term, and the risk of weight gain, depression and diabetes in the long term. The imbalance of blood sugar can lead to over production of cortisol, the stress hormone that can consequently contribute to the ageing process. 

A tip to help you would be to think that when you eat food that fall in the category of sweet, fluffy and white your Glycaemic Index would sky rocket but then crash heavily, to help your GI remain at a consisitent level eat a diet of consisting of food that are high in fibre and protein, this will also stop you from snacking too much. 

Cooking Healthy

After the talk we were then guided by the chefs from The Underground Cookery School, to make a healthy 3 course lunch. 

We learnt how to fillet mackerel and chicken, I have to say that my filleting skills are pretty damn top notch. So go ahead and try me! ;]

Here’s the menu of all the food my fellow bloggers and I made together:

Fillet of mackerel with roasted beetroot and horseradish cream
 Vegetarian starter: 
Griddled aubergine with garlic, chilli and thyme marinade, roasted beetroot and horseradish cream
Grilled breast of chicken, with roasted butternut squash and puy lentils, balsamic reduction
Poached pear with cinnamon syrup

Can you spot me?

I had an amazing time cooking with all the bloggers, thank you Simplyhealth, The Underground Cooking School and Kate Cook.


The Underground Cookery School
201/203 City Road, 


Kate Cook 

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