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Viet Eat – Holborn – London

written by Amy Lau
So, I’ve been trying a get back into shape.
I’ve never been one that could *gasp* go on a diet.

The thought causes me to crumble into despair.

That, and because I lack self control when it comes to any type of sustenance.

If you’re edible.

I will find you, and when I do.  I will eat you.

Viet Eat you…

Anyway, so I’ve been trying to eat clean(er), you know to get that ass.

But, that doesn’t mean that all I’m going eat are steamed carrots and broccoli.
It just means that I will order ONE deep-fried side dish, as opposed to TWO.
Discipline – discipline is the thing!
So, I used to lunch at Viet Eat a lot when I used to work near Holborn.
Recently, I decided to reignite that old love affair.
 Summer Rolls with Tiger Prawns
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Close enough to touch
BBQ Honey Pork with Vermicelli 


Viet Eat has that community vibe where you all sit along long tables and benches.
Perfect for food-spying across the table. ;]
There are no airs and graces here, just cheap & decent food.
It’s definitely not the place to leisurely lounge, it’s more of a ‘let’s grab a quick bite’ thang.
During lunchtime Viet Eat offer 2 course menu for £11.00
I went for the Tiger Prawn Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Spring Rolls & BBQ Honey Pork with Vermicelli.
Tiger Prawn Summer Rolls
Despite looking a little ‘unrefined’ they were full of flavour, and had a good ratio of vermicelli noodles to salad.
Nothing is worse than a Summer Roll filled with too much noodles and not much else.
You need to feel that crunch with a Summer Roll or its just a Sad Roll. You feel me? ahaha (I couldn’t resist)
Thankfully, these had that crunch, were clearly freshly made and were brimming with flavour.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
These were generously filled, crispy yet soft and fluffy in the centre.
 BBQ Honey Pork with Vermicelli
The BBQ honey pork was insanely tender, incredibly well-marinated and it als ohad that char-grilled BBQ flavour.
You have to mix the pickles/salad, noodles and BBQ pork together. Don’t be shy, and just shake it all up whilst drizzling the garlic/chilli vinegar all over it.
Yummei’s 7/10
Viet Eat
48 Kingsway,
Viet Eat on Urbanspoon
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miho June 15, 2014 at 4:59 pm

thanks for the very useful and detailed review! i love love love vietnamese food so I'm willing to give this place a try, definitely. it's a great summertime cuisine x

Miho @ Wander to Wonder

Amy Lau June 16, 2014 at 10:36 pm

Awh thanks lovely – do let me know how you find it 😀


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