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MissChu – Aldgate – London

written by Amy Lau
“You ling, we bling!”
 After seeing MissChu’s slogan on their little delivery bikes, needless to say I was sold.
MissChu is a Vietnamese Streetfood tuckshop from Australia. The Ozzies love it so much that they’ve opened up several outlets in Sydney & Melbourne, before slingshotting themselves over to the UK.
London’s Whitechapel High Street to be exact.
Proudly branded on the walls is the actual Refugee Visa that Miss Chu used to enter Australia with her family back in 1978, with low hanging golden-hued lights, exposed wires, canteen style tables & benches and even the menus resemble those old school ordering forms.
Giving MissChu that casual, I don’t currrr laid back appeal that is normally associated with East London.


I had to order everything ;]
Banh Cuon -Traditional Minced Pork & Woodear Mushrooms

 Suckling Pork Loin Rice Paper Rolls
 Shanghai Pork Handmade Steamed Dumplings 
 Beef Hanoi Curry served with Quinoa & Brown Rice
 Beef & Oxtail Pho 


Sex Appeal?
Steamed Vietnamese Rice Crepes (Banh Cuon) -Traditional Minced Pork & Woodear Mushrooms £6
….I was alittle speechless after I took a bite out of this one.
It was sheer disbelief.
Disbelief that the Banh Cuon placed before me was rubbery, tough and unforgiving.
If you’ve had real Banh Cuon before you would know that the Vietnamese rice crepe is normally super thin, and soft like you’re eating fluffy clouds.
This honestly, tasted like it was pre-made and left to the side for a WHOLE day.
Then reheated and left lurking underneath all that deep-fried onion.
Suckling Pork Loin Rice Paper Rolls £6
The suckling pork was probably left resting inside the paper roll for some time.
As the rice paper on this dish was also regrettably tough & rubbery, with the suckling pork being a little too much on the chewy side.
Shanghai Pork Handmade Steamed Dumplings £4
REDEMPTION – These were the little rustic dumplings though they had exploded a little – they still tasted really good. Well seasoned filling, with a soft and tender perfectly sized medallion of pork inside.
Tiger Prawn Wrapped in Crispy Vermicelli Pastry Net £4
These were 10 seconds away from just being hollow husks soaked in oil.
Beef Hanoi Curry served with Quinoa & Brown Rice £9
The Hanoi Curry was aromatic, well seasoned and the beef was incredibly tender. Though I may just be a purist, and the mixing of Quinoa and brown rice just didn’t work for me, however the flavour was there.
Beef & Oxtail Pho £8.50
The soup base was lacking on the flavour front, and was dangerously treading water for being rather bland. However the saving grace was that there were generous portions of beef & oxtail. Having said that, Pho is something that all Vietnamese establishments should be NAILING.
There are a lot of great Vietnamese restaurants in London which are similar if not better priced for the quality of food. Sorry MissChu…
91 Whitechapel High Street,
E1 7RA
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