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WA CAFE – Ealing Broadway – London

written by Amy Lau
Have you ever wandered into a bakery and decided that you just don’t ever want to leave?
Please escort yourself to WA Cafe, in Ealing Broadway.
It is not often that I would voluntarily travel over an hour to get my hands on Japanese savouries and baked beauties.
But if you had to choose a bakery to make pilgrimage to, make it WA Cafe.

WA Cafe is a small, independent Japanese Patisserie with highly skilled bakers and patissiers.

The sheer consistency, and perfectionism they take with all their cakes is a testament to their ability and quality.

No wonder, people have been singing their praises.

The girls and I decided it was high time to venture West, for an early morning weekend breakfast meeting.

We ordered everything.

…then we shared it ALL.

That has got to be one of the best things about dining in groups.

The ability to order every item from the menu.

Sharing is caring after all.

Chicken Katsu Club Sandwich
Tuna corn bun
Chicken Karaage roll
Chicken Teriyaki bun

Since we all woke up CONSIDERABLY early to make the voyage, needless to say we were incredibly hungry and each took a generous bite out of one anthers buns/sandwiches.

The chicken was surprisingly very tender, and still crispy in the rolls & sandwiches.

My favourite was definitely the chicken karate mini roll, chicken encased in sweet bread is a true winner in my eyes.

Feast your eyes
Ham and Cheese bun
Next up, it was only natural to sample the delicate pastries and cakes.

I made a beeline for Choux trio with matcha, black sesame and azuki custard cream.

Another plumped for the mango mousse.

Then the strawberry shortcake graced the table.

Followed by the Matcha roll cake

Then finally the white sesame cheesecake.

You would think after all that cake, we would have hit a sugar high.
All the cakes were incredibly light, fluffy and not too sweet. Making them utterly dangerous as you can eat, and eat and eat without feeling guilty. That is until you look down and see 6 empty plates….
If I had to choose an ABSOLUTE favourite.
It would HAVE to be the white sesame cheesecake. It was divine. The cream was soft, and light and the sesame flavour really was the hero paired with the black sesame biscuit base. Genius and so more-ish it was almost a shame to share it.
The funny thing was, that we came SO EARLY. That the hero of the morning had yet to arrive.
We all watched patiently as the bakers kneaded the dough in the immaculate kitchens, peeping through the window like a peeping Tom, wondering a) if they can see your hungry wide eyes urging them to hurry up b) if you stare hard enough will they miraculously appear in front of your hands.
The moment we were waiting for finally arrived, when the most glorious specimen came out of the kitchens….
Oh yes, savoury doughnuts are what I have been waiting ALL MY LIFE.
And yes, those are cornflakes you see, deep-fried into the dough offering that sweet and salty outer-shell.

*gasp* encased inside the golden armour is the most delicate egg mayo that is seasoned to perfection.




If there is but one reason to visit WA Cafe, it would be to get my hands on the Katsu Curry doughnut and the egg mayo one again.

Do it.

Life will feel that bit sweeter, after you have introduced yourself to savoury doughnuts.

Yummei’s? 10/10

WA Cafe
32 Haven Green,
W5 2NX

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Connie Law February 19, 2016 at 12:12 pm

A chicken mayo doughnut?! Well that's a bit off the wall but strangely appealing! I've seen so many mouthwatering pics of WA Cafe on Instagram but it still feels little far to travel more… maybe soon!

Amy Lau February 19, 2016 at 12:23 pm

It is worth it, for those savoury doughnuts! Do it! hahah 😀

Erin Niimi-Longhurst February 20, 2016 at 9:26 pm

That matcha tea looks sooooooo good! I want to lick the screen, Amy!

Erin xx

Amy Lau March 11, 2016 at 9:26 am

Hahahh it was delishhhh! Let's go back together 😛


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