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Where to eat in Lisbon | Cervejaria Ramiro – the BEST seafood in town

written by Amy Lau

There are two things you are simply expected to do if you go to Lisbon.

  1. Eat seafood at Cervejaria Ramiro – known to be the number 1 destination for seafood in Lisbon
  2. Eat your weight in pastei de natas


Anthony Bourdain helped enormously to put Ramiro on the foodie map, and after almost all of our friends threatening us that we HAD to go there. We did.

First things first, we were after those scary-looking Goose Barnacles aka Percebes. These treasures of the sea are known to be an expensive rarity, as they only grow in shallow, cold water in the crevices where the ocean waves & rocky breaks meet. Making finding them no easy feat and very dangerous to collect. They can fetch up to £400 per kilo, and some restaurants serve them for £100 per plateful.

They are prepared very simply, just steamed, simmered or blanched. Ours were steamed, you eat them by removing the leathering sheath by twisting it off and tearing the flesh out with your teeth, leaving the dinosaur claw part.

LISBON-RAMIRO-2Watch our Youtube to find out what our reaction was & for what it tasted like.

All I will say  is that I was shocked at how much I LOVED them, they are worth risking your life for.

Next up, we had the Giant Tiger Prawns which were the size of a lobster. HUGE, I’ve never seen such huge monster tiger prawns before. Again these were just grilled & salted every so slightly, letting the crustacean naturally sweet, juicy & muscular flesh shine all by itself.

LISBON-RAMIRO-3Garlic clams – bathing in the most fragrant garlic & buttery sauce I have ever had. The clams again were the largest most plump & freshest clams I have EVER HAD. You soak the sauce up with some toasted buttered bread & can die happy. LISBON-RAMIRO-1Whole steamed crab – I have no idea what the Portuguese are feeding their sea creatures – but everything we ordered was almost triple times the size we would normally find them in the UK & so much fresher & the flesh so much sweeter, completely natural flavours & it literally blew my mind.

LISBON-RAMIRO-4The full spread in all it’s glory!




Believe all the hysteria surrounding this restaurant, it was the freshest & cheapest seafood dinner I have ever had in my LIFE so far. All of the above + a huge bottle of green wine cost just 100euros. Everything was so fresh & despite the menu being priced per kilo  – unlike some unmentionable countries where they will blatantly rip you off, that is not the case in Lisbon, Portugal!

You HAVE TO COME HERE if you visit Lisbon, Portugal. That is an order!


Cervejaria Ramiro
Av. Almirante Reis nº1 – H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal

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