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London Street Food |4 Reasons to go to Camden Kerb

written by Amy Lau

Camden is chaotic, crazy, and eccentric. There are very few things that could make me venture out there, ┬ápurely because I don’t fair very well with crowds. I’m quite petite and so I get trampled, pushed, shoved and trampled upon.

So why should you make the arduous journey to Camden? The reason is Kerb Camden Market.

The street food in Camden has come a long way since Kerb took over the scene. Gone are sub-par market stalls and hello delicious traders.

What we ate:

Burger & Beyond – Hot Mess burger
Kimchinary – Pork bulgogi burrito with extra kimchi & chilli
Baba G’s – Naga Delhi Double
The Mac Factory – Posh Spice (Chorizo, crispy onions & 3 cheese – mac & cheese)

Find out what was our favourite!

Camden Kerb Market, London NW1 8AF

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